Jim Ashby K5JCA, former acting Emergency Coordinator for Washington County and long-term WCARES leader has been tapped by section leadership to use his vast ARES experience gained in Utah, Texas, and California to create standardized EmComm exercise materials that can be used throughout the Utah Section. He is tasked with developing, standardizing, testing, and compiling for use 1000s of high-quality injects for use in drills and exercises. Although the task would be daunting for most, Ashby’s experience in the United States Navy and current work as an electronics engineer involved in mission-critical, life safety test operations, as part of the team operating the supersonic rocket sled facility near Hurricane UT, allows him to eagerly agree to undertake this work. Utah Section Manager, Pat Malan N7PAT said he is “excited that Jim was so willing and eager to take on this assignment”, he went on to say that, “Ashby has been a talented and highly successful EC, but we really need to share his knowledge and skillset on a section-wide basis.”

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