by Tyler Griffiths N7UWX

You can use Winlink to send a message to you Section Manager or Section Emergency Coordinator to receive an additional 100 points. Here are the rules.

7.3.5. Message Origination to Section Manager: 100 bonus points for origination of a formal message to the ARRL Section Manager or Section Emergency Coordinator by your group from its site. You should include the club name, number of participants, Field Day location, and number of ARES operators involved with your station. The message must be transmitted during the Field Day period and a copy of it must be included in your submission in standard ARRL radiogram or no credit will be given. The message must leave or enter the Field Day operation via amateur radio RF.

The Section Manager message is separate from the messages handled in Rule 7.3.6. and may not be claimed for bonus points under that rule. Available to all Classes.

Winlink has a built in Radiogram template that makes this quite easy.

  1. Start a new message
  2. Click “Select Template”
  3. Expand “Standard Templates”
  5. Double click “Ragiogram.txt”

This should open a form/template in a new window in your internet browser that you can fill out.

The message can be sent to Pat Malan, SM,, or Rick Meade, SEC, and/or by selecting “>>> NOW CLICK HERE and select a Liaison Station <<<” and selecting “RRI-Region 12” it should pass it to the NTS Traffic net.

Make sure you click the ”Submit” button and this will send the text back to your Winlink program. Make sure the email addresses are correct and click “Post to Outbox” and send your message.

If you are looking for other Field Day stations with will be on the air with Winlink use these links,

Link to post your station:

Link to Spreadsheet to look up stations participating:

Enjoy and see you on the radio!

Tyler Griffiths N7UWX

Utah Assistant Traffic Manager (Winlink Czar)

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