Hello Section!

Excuse the summertime lag for the newsletter…

With Field Day behind us we can look back on great experiences to tell our friends.

I recruited Wes Pearson KF7LHT to visit Field Day sites with me. Wes has been inactive in amateur radio, but he jumped right in helping to set up towers or whatever was

needed, and he even made a contact with the Space Station!

Speaking of contacts, thank you for the WinLink and other message traffic. That effort earned 100 points for those participating.

We traveled just shy of 1,000 miles between St George and Fish Haven just across the Idaho/Utah border visiting various Field Day locations. You could even follow us on APRS.


It was good to be out and meet people in person.  I also had the opportunity to meet visitors, some who came out of curiosity, and some who had not been active hams for years.

I was not alone, as Section staff were making their share of visits too. Some were traveling as far away as West Virginia and even witnessed a CW contact with UVARC (Utah Valley ARC). Check the website for more on that story. Whether it was the Wasatch Front or elsewhere we appreciated your hospitality.

If you have not already done so, submit your FD photos for the website https://arrlutah.org/?cat=20 so others can ‘virtually’ visit your Field Day.

Be sure to stop by the website to see what else is happening in the Section. The website certificate issue has been fixed so you won’t get that annoying popup with a warning.

In case you may not be aware of it, the Division Convention will be in Casper Wyoming on Oct 7 to 9th. Be sure to check it out. https://wyhamcon.org/site/  We hope to see you there!

The Baton is passed in Davis county… Joan Rapp K6QJU has been the EC in Davis County since 2018. Her leadership has served Davis County and the ARES membership well.   Thank you, Joan!

Joan has set a high standard for her replacement Mike Groves, KD7MG.  Mike has a wide breadth of experience. Please join us in giving him your support.  Thanks Mike!

ARRL’s Specialty Service Club Award has been presented to the Utah Valley ARC with one in the pipeline for another club. Apply today http://www.arrl.org/ssc-application and be recognized for what your club is doing. Check with our Affiliated Club Coordinator (and Assistant Section Manger) Ted Cowan, NA7C, na7c@arrl.net for more information.


As you see with this edition, we are transitioning to the website. That means instead of clicking on a link to see/get the newsletter, the associated links will take you to the website.

Legislative and Governmental Relations


ARES Task Book – A Closer Look


Field Day Sites…   https://arrlutah.org/?cat=20

Technology   https://arrlutah.org/?cat=7

Is your club affiliated? https://arrlutah.org/?p=2 Apply today…    http://www.arrl.org/application-for-affiliation


Contact me if you are interested in the Public Information Coordinator position.

Enjoy what is left of your summer and 73!

Pat Malan (N7PAT)



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