Here is a fun thing you can do to introduce some aspects of amateur radio to youth through hands-on radio experience.

GOAL: Communicate over the radio instructions on how to assemble something.

Supplies needed:

Handheld Radios (Amateur or FRS)

Lego, Duplo, or something similar they can build something with. 6 – 8 bricks per set.

Break the youth up into an even number of groups.  (even groups of 2 youth work great for this exercise).  Match two groups up and give them each handheld radios and identical lego bricks.

One group will build something with their bricks and then communicate over the radio to the other group step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the same thing.  The receiving group then works to build the exact same thing using the instructions communicated to them over the radio.

Experience shows that youth will jump right in and are not shy to talk on the radio.  You can follow this activity up by getting them on the air talking to other amateurs on VHF/UHF, HF, or digital modes.

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