Name: Liam Shaw

Call: KK7JKO

License: Technician

Club: Davis County Amateur Radio Club DCARC

Why did you decide to get licensed? I got Licensed because I had been doing shortwave listening for a while but I got tired of just listening and got my license so I could transmit.

What was the first thing you did after you got licensed? Made a contact on the local repeater.

What kinds of things are you currently doing with ham radio? I love doing fussion and wires x. I also like 10 Meters, analog VHF, and listening to police frequencies and aircraft.

What activities outside of ham radio are you involved in? Outside of ham radio I enjoy competitive swimming, photography, repairing old technology, and aircraft spotting.

What is your favorite subject in school? At school I enjoy science.

What is your greatest ham radio success so far? My greatest success in ham radio so far is a tie between getting Hawaii on 10m at 50 watts and getting Australia on Wires X America link.

What is something you really want to do with ham radio that you haven’t done yet? I really wish to do FT-8 on the HF Bands.

Finish the sentence: “My family/friends think ham radio is…” My family/friends think ham radio is quite cool and my Dad’s cousin is actively working to get his license.

Have you participated in Ham Radio related activities, if so what? I go to club meetings every month and am planning to go to Field day.

How do you think ham radio will affect your future? I think Ham radio might help me get a job in aviation.

Do you have an Elmer, briefly describe how your Elmer has helped you? I have many Elmer’s who have helped me. Two of my Elmer’s, Craig Howe and Joe Giraudo, helped me get a HF station up and running in my house.

If you were an older ham, what would you do to bring more young people into the hobby? I would demonstrate that ham radio is an engaging hobby with lots to do.

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