Local and regional operational activities of the American Radio Relay League are carried out through its Field Organization. The organization divides the 15 Divisions into 71 separate geographic regions called Sections. Each Section has a similar team of one elected, volunteer Section Manager and several volunteer positions. Section Managers are elected by the members living within the section for a two-year term. The Section Manager appoints a team of volunteers. A Section Manager may optionally appoint one or more Assistant Section Managers.

For each of the section’s activities, the Section Manager appoints individuals to oversee the activities. These individuals are collectively referred to as the cabinet.


Pat Malan – N7PAT – Section Manager

Alan R. Bloom – N1AL – Technical Coordinator

James R. Brown – NA7G – Section Traffic Manager

Jeri S. Brummett – WJ3RI – Assistant Section Manager / State Government Liaison

Lisa Cook – K7LAC – Assistant Section Manager

Ted Cowan – NA7C – Assistant Section Manager / Affiliated Club Coordinator

Rick Mead – W7VQ – Assistant Section Manager / Section Emergency Coordinator

Kevin L. Reeve – N7RXE – Section Youth Coordinator

Please welcome those new to our Section Cabinet and supporting staff.

Webmaster – Rick Hanzlik KR7V, comes to us with a wealth of experience and is anxious to get started. He will be working with the PIC (Public Information Coordinator).

ASTM (Assistant Section Traffic Manager) – Tyler Griffiths N7UWX, has been introducing WinLink to ARES operators as the SEC. He recently presented on WinLink at the Digital Communications Conference. We could refer to him as the WinLink Czar. I have asked him to continue that outreach beyond EMCOMM to the whole Section. He will be working with Jim Brown, our STM (Section Traffic Manager). We will adjust down the road if needed to facilitate his efforts.

SEC (Section Emergency Coordinator) and ASM – Rick Mead W7VQ, is transitioning to be our new SEC. Rick is one of a handful of individuals to not only complete the ARRL EC-016 course but also level 3 in the ARES Task Book. He will continue to build on the foundation provided by Tyler.

ASM (Assistant Section Manager) – Lisa Cook K7LAC, was influenced by her dad (Silent Key K7OEC) who got her involved in Ham Radio. She earned her General ticket 2 weeks before he passed away at a ham radio convention in Albuquerque. Lisa attended the Teacher’s Institute on Wireless Technology part 1 and 2 in Newington, CT at ARRL Headquarters. She also does volunteer work with the Salt Lake Bicycle Collective (where she learned to build a bicycle from scratch) where she focuses on including under-represented individuals. She will do the same in our Section by including underrepresented groups/individuals, and other duties as assigned.

PIC (Public Information Coordinator) – We now have a vacancy and are looking for those
interested in filling this position.