Hello All,
Chris and I got all set up just before noon today (learned that I may need to find better ways to get set up in a more timely fashion, and we had a number of people stop by today, we had some general interest from the Sandy Police, and another guy, and we had a HAM that was biking by and stopped to say hello, but we had a number of people, Vern, Eric & Amy, Bob, Cathy, just to name a few.. We also had a soon-to-be HAM (taking the test tomorrow) and some brand new HAMs stop buy with lots of questions and had some great conversations, sharing of information a little training etc.

Oh yeah, Chris managed to make a few contacts in the middle of all of that as well..

HF rig setup didn’t do so well, the bands were all a mess today.

Overall I think I can speak for Chris as well but it was a very enjoyable fun day, and we got to talk to a lot of people throughout today.

Speaking for myself I learned a lot about how not very mobile I am and already putting together a list of things to address and try to come up with a better way to get gear moved setup, and on the air quicker..

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