The 2024 Great Utah ShakeOut is in four weeks, on Thursday, April 18! If you haven’t done so yet, please renew your registration to confirm that you will participate along with more than 650,000 Utahns… and counting! Then invite others so we can reach 1 million this year. While most drills will be at 10:15 am on 4/18, you can register your ShakeOut for any day and time.

Learn about past earthquakes in Utah, preparedness resources, and much more!  Be sure to watch the Virtual Field Trip about Utah earthquakes!

Register today to join the Be Ready Utah April 2024 Preparedness Zoom Webinar: “Help, Hydrate, and Hold On!” on April 4, 7-8:30pm!

Topics will include:

  • First Aid: You are the Help Until Help Arrives with Jeff Johnson
  • Water Storage and Treatment with Bryan Stinson
  • Earthquake Preparedness with Maralin Hoff “the Earthquake Lady”

Please share this registration information with those in your circle of influence and help us all to Be Ready!

How to Plan a Great Drill

Are you ready to hold your best earthquake drill ever? ShakeOut has many drill manuals, guides, graphics, and videos to help at, including presentations for leading virtual or in-person drills. Whether you are able to only do a one-minute drill or a full-fledged exercise with neighbors or partners, your participation makes a difference. We’re all in this together!

Whether you’re an individual, family, or organization, a little planning can go a long way. Here are some considerations:

  1. How will I start the drill? For a family, use a smartphone or other alarm set for your drill time. For an organization, a PA or intercom system can be used to alert participants, or even a megaphone. Will your drill involve remote participants?
  2. Who do I notify ahead of time? Email, text, and talk in-person to people about the ShakeOut drill coming up. The more you spread the word (use #ShakeOut on social media), the more people will want to be involved.
  3. What do I do after? Some organizations decide to hold a recap to see what went well or not. Many families take this opportunity to review where their disaster kits are around the house, car, and workplace, or set up a communications plan.

This booklet from the Utah Seismic Safety Commission was created to help Utahns understand earthquake hazards, and prepare their family, friends, and community for a disaster, and is now also available in Spanish!  Both versions include earthquake probability statistics, maps, and updated preparedness info, along with information about the 2020 M5.7 Magna earthquake.

ShakeOut Bonus Steps!

What else might you do this year to improve earthquake safety? Have you updated emergency plans and disaster supplies? Have you “Secured Your Space” to prevent damage and injury?

Got a question? Need help?

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